Ryzer is our finished good offering, built with our in-house fabrics and yarns. All products with complete peace of mind guarantee. Stylish yet elegant, classic yet affordable.

Ryzer is meant for them who do not wish to compromise in any field of their life. Ryzer is for sports, Ryzer is for life , Ryzer is for the UncompromiZed.

Why Us?

  • Knowledge of fabrics since 1980.
  • In house yarn, fabric and sports and leisure productions
  • Best pricing based on volume-driven distribution model, unmatched fabrics, stich quality and time-oriented delivery
  • Most Advanced knitting processes for making finest possible fabrics.
  • High-productivity line production with high speed international sewing machinery.
  • Products that match the price tag and suit the end-customer
  • Authenticated sizes

Other Divisions: Yashraj Polyester and Yashraj Yarns

Yashraj Polyster and Yarns began with Weaving and steadily expanded into Knitting & Twisting. We have grown to become a diversified manufacturer of world-class polyester yarns selling directly to manufacturers, exporters, importers, retailers and brands across India. We enjoy a huge customer base with offices located in Mumbai, Bhiwandi, Malegaon & Ichalkaranji.

Come Join us for the ultimate world of finest apparel that can be delivered to the end user each time and every time.